Star Stories, Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, Italian Pavilion

This project proposes an architectural nucleus for Indigenous culture and a National Council for Reconciliation in Winnipeg, Win-nipi, Treaty 1 territory. The selected site is a ceremonial place of governance, justice, education, and culture that intentionally omitted Indigenous culture, myth, philosophy and ritual. The new emancipatory humanitarian program is a place of reconciliation and healing, a place where structural systems are decolonized and treaties are honoured. This significant location influences and speaks to power, systems of justice, education, and art. The National Council for Reconciliation is a stone island clad with Tyndall Stone. The body of water reflects the sky and anchors this monolithic block. The sloped urban block tilts its face towards the Legislative Building, gesturing at collaboration. Over time, the block will be carved with programs from the Truth and Reconciliation 94 calls to action. The site is charged with addressing the thickness of history and the memory of what occurred. The fluctuating energies and motions of phenomena related to the stars, sun, and water form new relationships between celestial and terrestrial bodies as a new celestial image informs a new order.

sk_exhibition_02 Sotirios venice